Welcome to the Lucky Kids!

At our playschool, an English nursery in the northeast of Hamburg, we speak mainly English. The children are immersed in a second language at a very early age – and in a new, exciting and diverse world. Every day, we help to ensure they have fun learning and playing together and in social interaction. We enable them to fulfil their own personal potential in many different ways.

This concept is one that has seen us grow successfully since 1990, and many children with us. Why not get to know us better – perhaps “Lucky Kids” is the nursery you have been looking for for your child too.

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Our concept

Are all families fluent in English or German?

Anybody can sign up for Lucky Kids! We love bringing children from German and international families together. Our group consists of diverse children and families alike.

We do have a lot of children, who only speak German at home and their families might only have a limited amount of knowledge of English but wish for their child to grow up with another language. Those parents know exactly, just how much easier it is for a child to grow into another language while playing. After all, it is that much more difficult for grown-ups.

Furthermore, there are also quite a few families who are proficient in English, families who are English native speakers themselves or even families who are multilingual and English might be their child’s fourth language to learn. Just about anything is possible! 

When should my child start at Lucky Kids?

We speak from experience, when we say, “The sooner, the better.”

There are three factors crucial for learning success in the early learning phase:

  1. Intensity: How much time does a child spend with us on a daily basis?
  2. Duration: How many years does a child spend in an English environment?
  3. Talent: Who doesn’t remember from School? Some people are more gifted in sciences, others in languages. It often shows even this early.

The very best moment in time, however, is when YOU feel confident in leaving your child in our care!

*Please note, that the earliest a child can join is 11 months! We fully prioritize creating the best possible conditions for our smallest to start a big step in life. If they are even younger, they will need a lot more attention, than we could provide for them. We think 1 year is exactly the right age for little ones to begin the adventure that is kindergarten.


Laughing and Learning: Create a Culture of Joy

Our Vision / Our pedagogical concept

Immersive Learning – effortlessly bilingual

Communication is essential. That is why we value a high teacher to child ratio. For teaching language, we use motions and expressions to give meaning to the words we say. Children are able to use context and figure out the meaning of what is being said.

This way, the children learn English in a most natural manner just like they would with their mother tongue.

Studying vocabularies or grammar is alien to us! The children learn the English language through daily life as well as through the coherences in their environment. We teach language playfully on the s(l)ide!

Situational teaching method

Incidentally we focus on supporting every child’s potential for development as early as possible. Besides bilinguality, we focus on a combination of situational education and selected elements of the Montessori method of teaching.

Situational education asks teachers to spontaneously adjust to children’s requests and wishes and allows for children to influence their daily routine directly. This way learning becomes more interesting and exciting for the children.

Montessori elements

We build our daily routine by adding materials and methods from the Montessori method, which promotes independent and self-directed learning. We like to use Montessori material because it is made of high quality natural materials like wood, textile or metal. And it usually focuses on only one teaching content at a time. It’s strength lies in encouraging children to guide themselves because the material is so very simple and self-explanatory. As a result, the children have exciting and positive learning experiences!

The Adventures of a Lucky Kid.

At Lucky Kids your child can experience a great variety of activities, such as:

  • Wood days
  • Mathematic education
  • Music and dance
  • First experiments
  • Performing arts
  • Construction (building blocks e.g)
  • Sports (swimming and Gym)
  • Environmental training
  • Lots of exercise in the open

For a better future.

Our vision is for all “Lucky Kids” to become curious, open-minded and self-confident children, who learn with a passion and are ready to explore the world. In society, it has become absolutely vital to think critically, which is why we think of it as a given, to encourage children in asking questions and allow for them to think for themselves as much as possible. 

At Lucky Kids, many different nationalities meet and it is beautiful. For a child to grow up with so many different people and languages is a blessing. Learning a new language makes you think about new perspectives, after all, you try to communicate to people through language, which is really what opens up a mind to understanding and appreciating different cultures and that is the groundwork we build for a more open and tolerant society!

If you value your child’s education to be filled with play, joy, diversity and a happy and lively atmosphere like we do, then the Lucky Kids is the right place for your child.

There is always something going on
at Lucky Kids

  • Swimming at a private pool (32°C)
  • Singing and dancing with music teachers in German & English 
  • Doing sports in a gym
  • Private ice skating in the ice rink in Farmsen in spring (not during public skating hours) 
  • Playing in the woods (Wood days)
  • Visiting the ‘Strandbad Farmsen’ in summer
  • Going on project related excursions: Planetarium, organic farm, bee keeper, Police, Port of Hamburg etc.
  • Learning road safety from a police officer
  • Training on dental health care

And we invite all families to come to these amazing events

  • A three day trip to the Baltic Sea with all of the Lucky Kids’ families and our teachers including our summer party and bon fire.
  • Our big Christmas party
  • Lanterns night with our friend the “music man”

Do you or your child have any more suggestions? Awesome! We welcome new ideas and try to make them happen.

Step by Step Prep for School

Children from about four and a half years old take part in our preschool program in which their English language skills continue to further develop. Our preschool class consists of only 4-6 children at a time to allow individual and intensive learning. After roughly 18 months in our preschool program, your child will be well prepared for school!

Building Positive Self Esteem Through Independent Learning

A great focus of ours is for the children to find the joy in learning. Especially in preschool do we find great use of our Montessori learning material. The Montessori material is made of high-quality, natural materials (e.g. wood, fabric, metal) and allows us the teaching of one concept at a time. One beneficial factor is the ability for the child to utilize self-control in order to encourage a successful and independent learning experience.

”Good morning, dear numbers!“

In addition to intensifying the English language, the “Numberland” is the second

important pillar of our preschool program. This is about the playful conveying of basic mathematical thinking in order to form a basis for which the child

can reach their best mathematical potential. The child’s problem solving skills are further developed to allow them a newer mathematical exposure that is both enjoyable and successful. This way the children learn not to be afraid of mathematics because it is everywhere in our every day lifes and the numbers are our friends!

(Source: https://www.zahlenland.info/download/download.php?file=gm Stand: 23.03.2020 13:55 Uhr)

A Better Understanding of the World Through Personal Experiences

Furthermore, the third important pillar is diving into deeper detail of group projects which include the elementary group as a whole. The children get to experience new and exciting themes with their own eyes.

Some project examples:

  • Environmental protection – waste prevention, recycling and upcycling
  • Farm – Trip to an organic farm
  • Strangers – Learn to say no and assess dangers
  • Fire – Dangers and benefits, make campfires
  • Solar system – Trip to the planetarium
  • Pets – Trip to an animal shelter and learning to care for them
  • Diversity – Learning about how others live, culture, food etc.
  • Friends – Meaning of friendships, behavior towards friends

With our preschool program, your will be more than ready for school!

Lots of room for ideas: inside and outside

The Play School is located in our private detached house. On an area of 160 m² a variety of toys and Montessori materials are available.

Reception area

  • Preschool room
  • Wardrobe
  • Office

Activity room

  • Our biggest play room
  • Parcours
  • Swings & Trampolin
  • Well suited for ball games or dance

Slide Room

  • A big slide
  • Cuddly paradise on the loft bed
  • Kitchen corner
  • Drawing desk
  • Workbench

Relaxation room

  • Opportunity for relaxing exercises using different light effects
  • Recreational games like a car racing track, wooden toys, blocks or a marble run

Additionally there is a big bathroom for the children to wash their hands. Here is where children, who wear nappies, can also get changed.


The house is surrounded by a large garden. It is the place, where your children can let off some steam and enjoy being outside:  In the sandpit, on the rope bridge, inside the play house or outside using the bars, seesaw or swings.

The shed is waiting full of cars and equipment for active children: Balance bikes, scooters, a taxi tricycle, a rickshaw and many more things are waiting to be discovered.

We also provide great care for younger children

The Crib Kids are the Lucky Kids’ “little brothers and sisters”. We launched our crèche in the building next door in January 2010 to offer wonderful care for younger children. A large and inviting outdoor area with a great range of play equipment surrounds and connects the two buildings, and is used by both groups.

The Crib Kids building has a c. 60 m² playroom for our youngest guests with a play castle, cosy corner seating and a connecting open-plan kitchen. The extensive terrace is the perfect place to breakfast in the summer. The basement has two bedrooms and a large bathroom with a paddling pool. Each child is given their own cloakroom spot in the entrance hall.

Our childcare concept follows that of Lucky Kids. We speak mainly English with the children, draw on the Montessori model and focus on learning with all the senses. An introduction to different materials, singing and making music, and simple vocabulary games are all part of our daily “timetable”. We also take the children on short excursions within the surrounding area.

The maximum childcare hours are Monday to Friday from 7:30 to 16:30. Fees depend on the subsidy from the youth welfare office, which is earnings-based.

Simply call us to arrange an informal meeting so you can find out more about us before reaching a decision. We will show you around the house and garden and introduce our team. Come and see for yourself how Crib Kids would look after your child and support their early development.

Contact and Registration

Do you like the sound of our English nursery and would like to know more, or to register your child with us?

Simply e-mail us at with your query, registration for our waiting list or your telephone number so that we can talk to you – we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!

To add your child’s name to the waiting list, please fill out and submit the form below.

We look forward to getting to know you and your child. Thank you for visiting our site.

Opening Hours

Mon. - Thu.: 07:30 am - 04:30 pm
       Fridays: 07:30 am - 04:00 pm

6 hr childcare: 08:00 am – 02:00 pm
8 hr childcare: 08:00 am – 16:00 pm
9 hr childcare: 07:30 am – 16:30 pm


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